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Our Services

In a non-transparent performance marketing landscape, Gray Harbor Digital stands out by prioritizing transparency at every step. The company understands the significance of building trust and establishing open communication channels with its brands and partners. Gray Harbor Digital ensures that its brands and partners have complete visibility into their campaigns, providing detailed reports and analytics that offer clear insights into performance metrics, ROI, and ad placements. By promoting transparency, Gray Harbor Digital goes beyond the industry norm, fostering a strong partnership with its partners based on trust, accountability, and shared goals. This commitment to transparency sets Gray Harbor Digital apart in an industry where opacity can often hinder meaningful collaboration and hinder client success.

What we do

Affiliate and Partnership Marketing

We will find partners to drive qualified traffic, leads and/or sales to your product or service by leveraging our expertise to formulate the right traffic with the right payment model

Mobile Acquisition Campaigns

Our portfolio of mobile specific partners will drive new user acquisition, APP downloads and installs, extension downloads and more

Original and Personalized Content

We own and operate multiple content sites with qualified daily traffic and can incorporate into your campaigns as needed

Media Buying

If you want to tap into a new audience, we can find the right partners to find the exact consumer or user you are searching

Our Programs

Extension Install Partner Program (Desktop Only)

Capital One Shopping searches for a better price while you shop at Target, Best Buy and more. You’ll see a friendly little pop-up if a better offer is found, including tax and shipping details.

Earn $10+ for Every New Browser Button Install 

30-Day Cookie Window

Variety of Updated Creative 

Dedicated Account Management team

Original Content