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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Gray Harbor Digital Saw Remarkable Growth of Monthly Installs of a Renowned Desktop Extension Brand by 600% in Six Months through Transparency and Optimization.

Gray Harbor Digital’s mission is to foster transparency among brands and partners, while leveraging innovative approaches to unparalleled scalability. By leveraging the power of transparency and consistent optimization through our relationships with distribution partners, we achieved a remarkable 600% growth of monthly installs within a span of just six months. This case study examines the strategies and practices implemented by the company to achieve this impressive result.


The desktop extension brand allowed users to enhance their browsing experience with additional top merchant deals and cash back. However, the program faced several challenges, including low adoption rates in a very saturated market, limited user engagement, and a lack of clear insights into user preferences and behaviors.

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Setting Clear Objectives

To overcome these challenges and drive growth, Gray Harbor Digital established clear objectives for the desktop extension brand. 

Their primary goals were to increase user acquisition, enhance user engagement, and maximize qualified program performance.

Implementing Transparency

To address the low adoption rates, Gray Harbor Digital recognized the importance of transparency. They prioritized educating their partners about the benefits and features of the desktop extension brand. This involved providing clear information about the program’s functionalities, and user acquisition quality. By promoting transparency, Gray Harbor Digital aimed to build trust with its partners (in addition to the desktop extension brand) fostering a positive perception of the program on both sides.

Consistent Optimization

Gray Harbor Digital recognized the importance of continuously optimizing the user acquisition campaigns for the desktop extension brand. They established a dedicated team that worked closely with the distribution partners. The team conducted regular audits of the program’s performance, identified areas for improvement, and implemented iterative enhancements. This approach allowed them to address poor quality, unqualified user acquisition and unnecessary traffic for the desktop extension brand.

Monitoring & Analytics

Gray Harbor Digital implemented a robust monitoring and analytics system to track the performance of the user acquisition campaigns. They used various tools to collect data on user behavior, including traffic, and user retention rates. This data-driven approach allowed them to identify trends, understand user acquisition preferences, and make data-backed decisions to further optimize the program.


Gray Harbor Digital’s dedicated efforts in transparency, optimization, and user acquisition yielded outstanding results. Within a six-month period, the desktop extension brand experienced an impressive 600% growth in user acquisition. Key metrics such as active users and user retention rates showed significant improvements, validating the success of their strategies.


Gray Harbor Digital’s case study highlights the power of transparency and consistent optimization in driving growth and success in the desktop extension brand. By providing clear information, gathering partner feedback,  and optimizing the user acquisition campaigns, they achieved remarkable results within a relatively short timeframe. This case study serves as an inspiration for other organizations seeking to improve their acquisition programs and emphasizes the importance of transparency and ongoing optimization in achieving successful user acquisition campaigns.